The Front Yard

I needed an updated picture of Tice (minus all the dirt), so we headed to the front yard for a change. I always gravitate to the back yard for photos for several reasons: 1) I usually shoot late in the afternoon, and that’s when the light is good back there.  2) The back yard offers more privacy: I’m usually completely bent over, lying, or squatting when I photograph Tice, and I don’t like to put on a show for everyone that drives by.  3) There are a lot more background options in the back yard; in the front, I have to worry more about power lines, neighbors houses/cars, etc…

But I took these right before lunch, so the front yard offered more shade/indirect light at that time. At first I was annoyed that we couldn’t go to the back, but then I started thinking about how I rarely take pictures of the front of the house, and I know I’ll miss those when I’m looking back through these photos one day.

Sometimes he looks so serious.

But it usually ends with this…

Yes, I took a lot of pictures. One-hundred and seventy-four to be exact. Tice kept taking his hat off as soon as I would put it on him, but after about six rounds of that, he finally left it on for more than one shot. Patience and perseverance were the keys. Although, I did like the pictures without the hat, too. I didn’t intend on using the stool at first, but it quickly became obvious that he wasn’t just going to sit and smile for me. We went inside (because he pooped) and I grabbed a stool (not the one he had just taken, though–ha, ha, ha), because he loves to put on a show with his talent to sit and stand on something. It was the perfect prop; it gave him something to focus on, and we ended up with some great images. It was a fun shoot.

This was one of my favorites. I wish our house had been in the background, but at least there are some flowers (mostly snapdragons) blooming in our flowerbed.

And I have to end with this little series. Hopefully it will make you smile, too!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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4 Responses to The Front Yard

  1. Paige says:

    Love these! He is such a handsome little man!

  2. Leland says:

    Too cute!!!

  3. Mom says:

    If that doesn’t make you smile—no, laugh out loud!, nothing would! Great Shots and what a great subject!

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