13 Months of Life

It’s amazing to watch my baby turn into such a little boy right before my eyes. He’s so much fun these days. Very busy. I think I’ve probably mentioned that before.

He LOVES to be outside. No surprise there–what kid doesn’t? The only thing more fun than dirt is water, and I promise you, he has no trouble finding either. He knows exactly where every water bowl is.

For some reason, some of the dirt often makes it to his mouth. Why? Why do they want to eat dirt? I guess he heard that it can help build his immune system. He is smart like that. (It just reaffirms our choice to not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, though.)

He looks so serious in this series of photos! He was having a blast, but I guess playing can take a lot of concentration sometimes. I just wish I knew what was going through that sweet little mind of his!

The photo doesn’t do this justice, but for a few seconds, he was playing the water dish like a drum.

And then, he took off. I followed him, and then ran ahead of him, but I had no idea that he was on a mission. He knew exactly where he wanted to be.

He kept going, and I went around the other side of the oak tree to meet him. This was his destination…

It happened so fast–there was no way I could have stopped it. I was expecting to capture a picture of him bending down and dipping his arms in the water; stepping in it was a new thing. Since I couldn’t stop him, I kept shooting.

I managed to grab him before he baptized the other shoe. Then, I stripped him down to his jeans and let him go again. Guess where he headed…

There’s a smile!

Ah, to be that carefree! I guess if I knew someone else was going to have to clean up the mess everyday, I would probably get just as dirty! I’d probably keep my shirt on, though.

After this experience, I instituted a “don’t-step-in-the-water-bowl” rule. He still gets really dirty when he plays outside (everyday), but it’s not as bad when he’s not swimming in his clothes. The only way to avoid this completely is to not let him play outside, and that’s not an option. It makes me smile most of the time, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it sometimes makes me cringe. I try to keep most of the playing inside until after his afternoon nap. Then, he can get as dirty as he wants (except for stepping in the water again). That way, I don’t have to worry about changing his clothes before lunch and nap time. Once he gets up from his nap and has a snack (usually around 4:00), we are pretty much outside until it’s time for him to eat (6:00).

That’s probably way more than most of you ever wanted to know, but since becoming a mom, I’ve always been curious about other babies’ schedules, so that’s for the moms and future mommies.

Some other things I want to remember about this stage:

-He understands most of what we say. He demonstrates this constantly, but it still amazes me. One day (when I was just beginning to realize how much he could understand), I randomly spoke to him in French, and he looked over at me like I was speaking a different language. I wish I could really teach him a second language while he is absorbing so much language!

-He’s very entertaining in the car. He relaxes with one leg up on the door, and he likes to “sing” along or chatter to whatever music is playing while he watches the world outside his window. He’s also started dancing, which is worth nine months of pregnancy by itself.

-He loves going up and down stairs. He likes to climb up on his own, but he usually waits for help going down.

-He “talks” to the cats in a different voice. I guess this is because I’m always telling him to talk quietly to them (so they don’t run away). I whisper to show him how to talk to the cats, so he whispers–as best he can! It’s pretty darn cute.

-He still loves to eat, and his appetite has not weakened. I’m very scared for our future grocery bills…

And because I have to end with a picture, here’s one of my favorites–again. This one just cracks me up. I love this boy.

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2 Responses to 13 Months of Life

  1. Mom says:

    Oh my! Pictures & memories to treasure!! So glad you are savoring every moment! Love you!

  2. Ha Ha Ha -Love this kid!!!

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