His First Christmas Ornament

I know it’s February, and I’m talking about a Christmas ornament, but bear with me.

Christmas ornaments are special tradition in my family. My mom and dad gave us an ornament each year when we were growing up (and still do). When we moved off to college and started decorating our own trees, she gave us our box of ornaments. It was so comforting to have all those ornaments and the memories they represented. As a mother, I’m sure it was hard for her to part with them.

I knew I wanted a really special ornament for Tice’s first Christmas, but I just couldn’t find anything that was perfect. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew I would know it when I found it. The week before Christmas, I remembered that our old friend, Scot Sommerlatte, was designing metal art–jewelry, spurs, buckles, etc… Harper and I knew he could make Tice’s first Christmas ornament, and it would be a work of art.

Since it was so close to Christmas, I decided to just wait until after the holidays to contact Scot. All I told him was that I wanted it to be star-shaped, have Tice’s name, and “2011.” He drew a design, texted it to me, and gave me an estimate.

I couldn’t wait to see it in person!

Isn’t it perfect for a little boy’s first Christmas? I love it! I think it will look beautiful hanging on the tree for the next twenty-ish years. I’m sure I’ll cry when it’s time to give Tice his box of ornaments–it’s hard to think about that, even now–but I know it will be special for him to hang on his own tree some day with his family.

You can see more of Scot’s work on his website, www.ss-originals.com. Now I’m thinking about Tice’s first belt buckle…


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