I haven’t looked up the numbers, but I’m pretty sure we’ve had more rain in the last six weeks than we had all last year. Even though the yard is soggy, I don’t dare complain. This evening, I caught myself singing, “Rain, rain, go—-” but I stopped myself before I uttered the rest. Through this horrible drought, I think I’ve learned to not complain about the rain. Like, EVER.

Anyway, our food garden is too wet to do anything right now, but I couldn’t resist buying some plants last weekend. Among them are these beauties–gold and orange ranunculus.













I found these at Plants ‘n Things, one of our local garden centers, but you can find them at most garden centers at this time of year.

Aren’t they impossible to resist?

They come in so many beautiful colors. Google “ranunculus” images, and just try not to smile. I just can’t be negative when I’m looking at these cheerful blooms.

If it stops raining long enough tomorrow, I’m going back for more…

Have a great weekend!


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