In the Garden: Camelias

Have you noticed all the beautiful camelias blooming right now? I guess it depends on where you live, but here in south central Texas, the camelias are full of beautiful blooms. The flowers can look like a compact rose or even a mini peony, depending on the variety. They are usually a shade of pink or white.

They grow on evergreen shrubs with bright green foliage. The cuttings above are from Harper’s godmother’s camelia. Below is the one in our backyard. Under the pecan tree canopy, it doesn’t get as much sun as it should, so it’s not the most beautiful example, but it still blooms each year. In a healthier specimen, you wouldn’t see all the branches–the foliage would be much denser.

Because of the mild winter this year, a lot of plants are blooming earlier, so it already looks like early spring. But often at this time of year, the bright little camelias are some of the only color in a sea of brown. They are winter’s little promise of spring’s imminent arrival.

I played with the color when editing these photos, but they are the same flowers as in the previous photo.

We had just had some rain when I took these, so their little heads were weighted down with water. Many of them looked as if they were bowing their heads in prayer.


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