One of my dear friends (who is quite possibly one of the sweetest souls on Earth) is going to be a mother soon. Actually, she is going to be a mother again, as she already has two sweet boys. This has been a bittersweet year for Heather–a year full of the unexpected, but she has handled it all with unimaginable grace. Baby Austin’s arrival next month will make the perfect ending to 2011. He is so blessed to be born into the Dallmeyer family and to have Heather for his mommy!

Tice and Austin will be almost exactly a year apart, so it will be sweet to watch them grow up together. We never dreamed there would be another addition to their family, so we were beyond thrilled when we found out this spring. The conversation was like de ja vu from when I told her about our pregnancy last year. We were in her kitchen both times, and the conversation went like this:

“I’m opening a bottle of wine–do you want a glass?”

“Uh, I can’t…”

“WHAT??? OH MY GOSH!” …other one tries to smile and nod… “Shut up! You’re PREGNANT? Holy xxxx! I can’t believe it!”


Other one takes a drink of wine and continues gushing while preggo watches and thinks about how different life is about to be.

I offered to take some maternity pictures for her several months ago, and our goal was to take them around the seventh month of pregnancy. Before we knew it, the eighth month was upon us, so we made some time in our busy schedules to document Heather’s last pregnancy. Of course, it ended up being the windiest weekend of the season. We postponed one day, but on Sunday we decided to go for it, despite the strong gusts.

We found a spot between two large trees in their yard where the wind wasn’t as bad, and we did the quickest maternity session ever. Heather said she would be happy if there was just one decent shot, but she looks beautiful in all of them.

We had Mason and Alex take a break from their play to join her for a few more shots. I wish we could have had some with Andy, but he and Harper were working on the new closet in Austin’s future room.

I love this shot. Those Dallmeyer boys have a beautiful mama!

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One Response to Heather

  1. Heather says:

    Natalie, thank you so much for doing this for us. What a priceless gift. I really don’t like being the subject in front of the camera, but I know I will always look back on these pictures with gratitude and happiness. Thank you for a wonderful gift and the very sweet words. Love you!

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