Citrus Harvest

I have a couple of citrus trees that have somehow survived with very little attention this year. They stayed in pots under the big oak tree that shades our back patio all summer. I didn’t think they were getting enough sun for the fruit to mature, but I was afraid they would shrivel up in our record-breaking heat if I moved them to a sunnier spot. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they were ripening.

The Meyer lemons are smaller than they should be, but they’re still loaded with flavor–they taste like a lemon that has an orange ancestor somewhere in its lineage.

The oranges are Owari Satsuma Mandarins. I chose that variety because it was supposed to be cold hardy enough to actually plant instead of growing in a pot. For some reason, it’s still in a pot, though… I haven’t tried them yet, so I’m not sure about their flavor.

Behind the basket of fruit, you can see a clump of paper whites. None of them have started blooming yet, but they’re already pretty tall, so I’m sure the flowers aren’t far behind. It seems like the first ones always start to bloom around Thanksgiving, so they’re right on time!

Have any of you had luck with citrus trees? What are your favorites? I would love to have more!

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One Response to Citrus Harvest

  1. Robyn Farmer says:

    Our neighbor has a citrus tree he lets us pick from. Thanks for this post….I think I need to head over there and check it out.

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