Nine Months of Life

Now that Tice is almost ten months, I thought I should write a little about this past month and share some of my favorite recent photos. I actually took pictures of him that I love on his nine-month birthday (the wagon pics), but I didn’t write any of the stuff about this stage that I want to remember, so here goes…

He weighs 22.5 pounds, and he’s 29 inches tall. He’s in the 75 percentile for height and weight. He still has some precious little rolls, but I think they’re slowly stretching out. He’s barely gained any weight in the past two months, but he’s getting taller, of course. I will treasure these squishy little legs and dimply hands as long as possible.

Dr. Baker and everything I’ve read says that babies will let you know when they’re full, but sometimes I think Tice would explode if we let him eat until he feels full. There are some foods that he just can’t get enough of, so we try to slow him down so he can realize he’s full. Bananas are his favorite 3:00 snack. He would definitely eat a whole banana if I let him, but either the dog or I will eat one-fourth of it. Three-fourths of a banana still seems like a lot for a baby to me…

He’s still loving the wagon. He looks for it (and the cats) whenever we go outside.

Did you notice the dirt on his face in the pics above? It’s funny how differently I look at the little imperfections as a mom than I did as a photographer of other people’s children. Before I was a mom, I would have been trying to clean up that dirt in Photoshop, but now, I wouldn’t want to change it. I love capturing the real moments, and that includes dirt. I guess I might feel differently if I wasn’t a photographer and he was only photographed professionally once or twice a year. The next time I photograph someone else’s kids, I’ll have to ask the mom what she prefers before I go trying to make it perfect in editing.

Here are a few more that aren’t perfect, but they make me smile.

His eyes are still bluish. I really think they’ll eventually turn brown, or maybe hazel, but they haven’t yet.

He still has eight teeth (I think). His top four teeth hardly ever show, but it’s hilarious when they do–I guess just because we’re not used to seeing them, and he has to be laughing pretty hard to give us a glimpse of them. I’ve pulled his top lip up a few times to see the teeth (which he really appreciates), and they’re surprisingly big–much bigger than the bottom teeth. Again, I guess it’s just because we rarely see them that it’s so entertaining when we do.

Sweet. That’s all I have to say about that.

Above is his cough/growl, which is still how he usually tries to participate in a conversation. I’m guessing we don’t have an early talker on our hands. I haven’t heard anything even closely resembling “Mama” or “Dada,” but I can tell there are a lot of words and phrases he already understands (Daddy, bottle, banana, Sargent, kitty, and monkey to name a few of his favorite nouns).

He also understands “no” and “don’t do that.” When he’s thinking about doing something he knows he shouldn’t (like touching the dog’s bed), he’ll look at me and say, “Uh?” or “Eh?” You can definitely hear the questioning in his tone, but I’m not sure if he means Are you sure I shouldn’t do this? or Do you see me thinking about doing this? or Can I do it now? Or maybe it’s all of those things. It’s funny, but I never laugh or smile about it (where he can see), because I know he’s testing me.

He is starting to jabber a little more, so I guess that’s verbal progress. He also squeals/sings along when I sing to him. He’s obviously pleased with himself, but, bless his heart, it sounds like he might have inherited his parents’ vocal talents (or lack thereof).

You’re probably wondering why I chose this photo that highlights his male pattern baldness. Well, it tells a story. It starts with the cat scratching box that’s captivating Tice’s attention. The box bewitches him. He’s a little scared of it but completely intrigued. I’m guessing it’s the weird texture of the corrugated cardboard–it’s unlike anything else he’s seen or touched. He can’t help but go up to it everyday, and he just freezes. He’ll stare at it and put his hand over it like he’s going to touch it, and then he’ll just turn around and crawl away from it. I’ve seen him quickly touch it a few times, but that just seems to affirm his suspicions about it. It is HILARIOUS. The little wheels are just turning–I wish I knew what he was thinking about it!

He’s getting much steadier on his feet, but he hasn’t taken any truly unsupported steps yet. And I’m just fine with that. Take your time, buddy!

If you read his eight-month update, you might remember that I said he usually sleeps until 7:30 in the morning. Well, I think I jinxed us as soon as I typed those words, because now he RARELY sleeps until 7:30–or even 7:00, for that matter. Sometimes it’s 6:00, sometimes it’s a little earlier or a little later, but it’s almost always too early. I try to wait until 6:30 to go check on him (unless he’s really crying), and he’s fairly decent about entertaining himself for a little while. Needless to say, I’m dreading the daylight savings time change. If you have any advice about that transition, I would love to hear it.

There aren’t a lot of pics of us, so I try to remember to hand the camera over to Harper every once in a while. I know I’m out of focus in this shot, but he is pretty sharp. I probably look better with a little blur anyway.

I still can’t get over how little his hair has grown. It helps him keep that babyish look. I was born with a head full of hair, so he definitely does not take after me in this area. I have heard that women who suffer fromĀ  heartburn during pregnancy are going to have babies with a lot of hair. I think I only had heartburn once or twice during pregnancy, so maybe it’s true. Speaking of pregnancy discomfort, I need to know which of my pregnancy symptoms indicated I was going to have an almost ten-pound baby. Oh, never mind.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the day of the self-portrait attempts that I promised.

Look at those chubby little cheeks! He’s trying to stuff them with grass. I’m constantly pulling grass and leaves out of his hands when we’re outside. He now thinks it’s funny when I tell him it’s “nasty!” So, sometimes I’ll just go ahead and let him put it in his mouth when he’s looking right at me grinning and waiting for me to say something (see below…).

What a stinker!

Right now I’m trying to decide if he should be Bamm-Bamm or a pirate for Halloween. I’m leaning towards Bamm-Bamm. We’ll see if I can get a costume thrown together for him tomorrow!

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