Workin’ It

I am beyond blessed to be able to do most of my work from home right now. It means I get to spend more time with my sweet baby without saying goodbye to a job I love. However, the reality working part-time while taking care of a baby full-time can be challenging. Some days are easy. Some days make me want to curl up and suck my thumb, but I end up working late at night instead.

My point is not to whine–again, I feel truly blessed that I even have this as an option–but to explain why I don’t post as often as I’d like to. For every post I actually finish and publish, their are a dozen more that I’ve started (in my mind, at least). Too many ideas and photographs, but not enough time. Since this blog is my main creative outlet, I miss it when I’m too busy to post.

(I know I’m starting to ramble. I’ll try to get to the point.)

Luckily though, I now have a job that is also a creative outlet. As much as I loved teaching, it definitely required more of the left side of my brain than the right. When I was too busy to find time for my own creativity while teaching, it just made feel more drained. Now, when I’m busy at work, I’m often getting to use my creativity. So, at least when I’m too busy to blog, I’m still getting to take pictures and write. Woo hoo!  Above are some pictures I took for our upcoming holiday issue. We used one of those pics for our cover.

I needed an updated photo for my letter from the editor since my previous pic was over a year old and my hair was about a foot longer. I’m not very good about being in pictures since I’d prefer to be behind the camera, but I got out the tripod and remote to try to get a decent (self) portrait. Of course, I had Tice with me, so I used him as my stand-in to get the camera focused. Apparently, the batteries in my remote were dead, so I had to set the self timer and run to the camera to push the shutter release approximately 50,000 times. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it seemed like 50,000 times. And it was hot. And humid.

Here’s what I got:

Well, that’s kind of what I got. It’s actually cropped–big time.

Here’s the entire frame:

Yes, that’s a fly on Tice’s forehead. And there’s probably 50 mosquitoes on him that you can’t see (because after a half-inch of rain in past two months, the little blood suckers are taking over).

Here are a few more of the outtakes, just to keep it real.

I kept imagining the neighbors seeing me and wondering why I was taking pictures of myself. Awkward.

And here’s one facing the other direction; the lighting was flatter, and Tice was ready for some attention.

So, I moved to my favorite position in relation to my camera and took some pictures of him. I’ll share more of those later, but here’s one that makes me smile. Oh, how I love to see the world (or wheels) through his eyes!

Thanks for visiting–even when I’m not posting as often as I should!


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7 Responses to Workin’ It

  1. Britney says:

    Love it! :) I hate having to use a tripod and hurry and try to get in place and hair fixed and smile on before the shutter clicks! I’m in love with that new area by the Brenham Liquor store LOL it’s so pretty!! Congrats on the cover shot!

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks, Britney! I know–the new little park is great for photos! I’ll have to go back with my favorite little subject next time!

  2. Nicole Lacy Friedel says:

    So sweet! Love you both!!

  3. Louise Draus says:

    It was so good to see and visit with you yesterday! Meeting Tice was pure pleasure; he is such a happy little guy. Enjoy these moments, cherish them, they depart way too soon……!

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