Decorating for Fall

I’m hoping I’ll have a few minutes this weekend to get out some of my fall decorations. Right now, the only thing I’ve done is put some pumpkins on the front porch.

Here are a few pics from last year…

I usually decorate the piano in our dining room kind-of like it’s a mantle. We don’t have a mantle, and the piano isn’t really good for much else–well, besides collecting dust. It’s a beautiful antique, but to say it’s out of tune would be an understatement.

I used real pumpkins, and the rest is artificial. It’s all floral I bought back when I was working at Glasco’s. I love how the orange and the aqua look together. There isn’t much that doesn’t look good with turquoise walls, in my opinion. Funny how a bold color can still be neutral.

This was in Tice’s room when I still had it decorated as the guest room. The berries in the glass container were artificial, but the pumpkins were real. Actually, the real pumpkins didn’t work too well in there. I like the idea, but check out what happened to the pumpkins after just a few days…

Can you see the moldy stem? The sad thing is that I didn’t even notice it until I was editing the pictures. I’m going to blame it on all the reflection in the glass… And I don’t know what to do to prevent moisture if there’s anything real in a covered container. I have several of the glass urns in varying shapes and sizes, and now I’m feeling a little limited on what I can use inside them. I don’t really buy artificial stuff anymore, but I might have to make some exceptions.

I’m actually hoping to use the same wreath this year (if I can find where I stored it). I made that one (and used that photo) in our holiday issue of Texas LIVE Magazine last year. Below is the entire spread. The whole idea was to use the same inexpensive grapevine wreath as the base to make different looks for different seasons. I actually made/used two wreaths so I wouldn’t have to remake one of them after I took the pictures. The Christmas wreath will need some tweaking this year–the eucalyptus and magnolia foliage were both from my yard.

Well, I better get myself to bed. I’m going to a big yard sale early in the morning with the little man. The sweet lady that we bought our house from is having the sale, and I know there will be more that I want than I need. The sale will be on Saturday, too, so leave me a comment if you want me to email you the location.


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  1. Laura Lacy says:

    I wonder if silica gel crystals would work in a closed container with fresh pumpkins. I always throw out those little packets, but who knows?

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