Antique Week

I finally found a pair of cowgirl boots that I love just in time for junkin’ during the antique shows. Actually, I found two pairs, but I practiced restraint and just bought one. At least for now.

A comfy pair of boots or tennis shoes really are necessary for all the hiking though dusty pastures full of cow patties. Boots are a lot more fun than tennis shoes, though.

There’s always an abundance of vintage boots at the festival, but I opted for a new pair since my shopping time was limited, and I wanted to be able to wear them when I hit the fields.

I think the vintage boots would be great if you just happened to find a pair you loved, but if you went out there on a mission to find the perfect pair, it might be frustrating.

This year I spent most of my time in Round Top and Warrenton doing work-related things rather than shopping. I know. It’s a tough job, but I’m doing it. I love combing work with pleasure, so I took advantage of the opportunity to see Kristie, one of my old friends who was a vendor this year in Round Top.

We dressed up and headed to the Junk Gypsy Prom. I took pictures and handed out cards for the Texas LIVE Magazine, but as the night and drinks progressed—well, let’s just say there were some pictures of some interesting characters that won’t be featured on the magazine’s site. But maybe I’ll share them here…

It was definitely entertaining. And I loved seeing some of the tents lit up at night. Have you ever been there at night?

Ok, here are a few from the party.

I’m sure it was water…

This guy had a dance partner that always says “yes.”

Kristie and Kelly danced one last dance before we came back to Brenham.

I wanted to go back to do a little shopping, and I made the mistake of waiting until the weekend. Harper and little man went with me. We were hoping to find an old (but functional) wagon for Tice.

Everything was fine until we got just past Round Top (on our way to Warrenton). Then we hit stop-and-go traffic that was more stop than go.

Maybe the timer picture on the dash is bad luck. The last time I took one of these, it didn’t turn out too great either…

I ended up climbing into the back seat to try to keep Tice entertained. It worked for a while.

After over 40 minutes and less than three miles of movement, we turned around. I reminded myself to never go on the weekend again, and I thanked God that we don’t live on 237.

We did make a brief stop at a tent where we spotted an old Greyhound wagon with white wheels. But I’ll save that for another post.

How about you? Did you find any good junk this year?


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2 Responses to Antique Week

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  2. Britney says:

    I’ll have to tell you a short cut where you won’t get stuck in all that mess on 237!

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