Eight (and 3/4) Months of Life

I know I’ve posted pictures of my sweet boy this month, but I never had a post dedicated to his eight-month activities. I know I’ll forget some of this stuff if I don’t write it, and I definitely want to remember as much as possible about these moments. They are fleeting…

-He has eight teeth and lots of slobber.
-He weighed around 22 pounds when he first turned eight-months.
-He usually sleeps until around 7:30 in the morning (but often wakes when he poops at 5:00am. TMI?)
-He still “talks” to us with little fake coughs. He started this around five months, and it must be more fun/easier than trying to talk with words.
-He’s really good about playing in his crib when he first wakes up. He usually pushes play on his little Fisher Price rainforest toy.

Tice is very low tech. His favorite toy is an old set of Fisher Price stacking rings. Actually, it’s the set that I grew up with. The yellow one is full of vintage teeth marks. Wait, am I vintage?

It took a while to get the photo above–as soon as I can get the rings stacked, he pulls them off.

He likes to throw the rings (or doughnuts, as we also call them) around the room and chase after them.

Inevitably, one of the rings will roll under a piece of furniture. When it happens, he’s quite determined to retrieve it on his own, which is great, because there no crying or whining with him expecting me to get it for him. If he can’t get it on his own, I’ll either help him, or he’ll move on to something else, and then I’ll get it.

He is at that stage where he loves to drop toys, his plug (pacifier), or anything he can get his hands on. He then strains to see where and how it landed. Just as much as dropping, he loves to pick up the item, put it on the coffee table, and drop it all over again. He does it over, and over, and over again. It’s fascinating to me how fascinating this repetition is to him. I know it might eventually become annoying, but right now, it cracks me up.

Maybe one of the reasons it’s not annoying yet is that we don’t rush to pick up whatever he drops, so he doesn’t expect us to do so. It’s all his game, and we’ll keep it like that as long as possible.

Every month is even better than the last. He is so full of expression and life. It’s pretty awesome to share it with him.

Technical Notes:

The photo collages at the beginning and end of the post were created using mostly outtakes. Most of them are cropped poorly (too much of his head chopped off) or the focus is a little soft. Tice loves to come get right in my face when I have the camera out, so I have tons of these sweet-but-not-perfect shots. They perfectly illustrate some of the many expressions I see every day, so I wanted to include them, and the mini-collages were a fun way to include them.

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  1. Adore him. So precious – and such a smack dab combo of the two of you!

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