I mentioned the other day that we had been out enjoying the evening light for a few photos. I think I’m going to have to order a wall print of the B&W pic in that post–it’s definitely one of my favorites. But I also love these color shots. They really capture that summer light that looks a lot prettier that it feels (it was still over a 100° when we took these).

And it’s so hard to choose just one shot. I love them all.

All the silly and sweet faces that he makes–so much sweetness and joy in that little man!

I have a confession, though.

Of the thousands of pictures I have taken of him since birth…

…I haven’t printed a single one!

Unless you count the birth announcements–at least I printed those! But… um, I still have quite a few of those that I never sent. I always have such good intentions–it’s the follow-through that I have problems with!

Look at him go!

Doesn’t it just look like he could stand up and start walking? Slow down there, baby!

Hi, Sargent! We still love you. Thanks for barking at that hawk this afternoon.

Can you believe he’ll be eight months tomorrow? We’re looking forward to a nice long weekend together!

Technical Details:

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 85 mm 1.8
ISO: 500
1/320 sec

Photography Tip: The Magic Hours

I went to the west (front) part of our back yard to take advantage of the setting sunlight. In the first shot, the light is nice and even, but it didn’t give me that golden back-lighting that I was looking for. I moved Tice closer to one of the “hot spots” where the sunlight was peeking through the trees so there was a nice rim of light on his head. It was just a few feet difference, but it made a big impact in the mood of the images. There’s definitely a reason the hours after sunrise and before sunset are called the “magic hours.”

Just had to include this one…

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2 Responses to Adored

  1. Christi says:

    Such sweet photos!

    Thanks for your photography tips and including the camera information at the end of your posts!

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