An August Day in a Little Chair

I’ve started several food and garden posts, but I just haven’t made time to finish them. And I keep thinking about these sweet pictures just waiting to see the light of day the internet…

He really is my little muse. Tice trumps nature.

But he’s enjoying that nature. He still loves those tree tops!

One of my favs. He looks so pensive–but in a pleasant way. He’s probably thinking about how much he loves his mama. No, really I think he was looking at the noisy squirrels that Sargent was barking at.

And I could tell you that he already knows how to wave, but really he was just smacking the chair (repeatedly). He likes to tap, pat, or pound on anything within reach. (Did you just notice that “pat” is “tap” spelled backwards? Sorry, but you know I’m easily distracted.)

Oh, he’s definitely thinking about his mama here. Oh, never mind–he was watching the ducks splashing in their tub.

Now I’m getting some love!

A smile to end wars!

And I’m throwing a couple of color shots into the mix–just so you can tell it’s summer. We’re paying an embarrassingly high water bill to keep that grass green, so we need to enjoy it!

Can you tell it was still 100 degrees? I think we stayed out there for four minutes tops. But at least the grass is green!

I’ll try to finish some of those other posts this weekend. We’ll definitely be indoors–it’s supposed to be 108° and 109° Saturday and Sunday. If you’re on the East Coast this weekend, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Technical Details:

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 28-105 mm 3.5-4.5
ISO: 800
1/160 sec & 1/250 sec

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2 Responses to An August Day in a Little Chair

  1. Laura Lacy says:

    Oh my! He’s a natural born charmer! I love these pics. They are super cute! Your grass looks fabulous too.

  2. LaRena Tobola says:

    I love your beautiful baby boy. You really are an amazing photographer.

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