Seven Months of Life

Seven months.

Seven months watching the sparkle in this little boy’s eyes grow.

Seven months of learning what it means to be a mommy.

Seven months of pure joy.

Seven months of the softest skin.

Seven months of crinkled toes and dimply hands.

Seven months of being looked up to like never before.

Seven months of proud little moments of amazement with each new milestone.

Seven months of curiosity and discovery.

Seven months of one raised eyebrow when he’s figuring it all out.

Seven months with a healthy, happy, strong baby boy. We are so blessed.

Lately, Tice is army-crawling everywhere. He rarely gets up on all fours to really crawl, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down. He’s even starting to pull up on his knees (and very briefly on his feet), so we will be lowering the mattress in his crib this weekend.

He still has six teeth (the last time I checked). He loves to eat! He’s has broadened his horizons and now likes some veggies. Carrots and sweet potatoes are approved, but peas are still on the gag list. He gets impatient (and vocal) if we take too long to give him the next bite.

We’re having lots of fun with this little man!

Technical details: The hellish 100°+ temperatures have not inspired me to go out often for pics. My friend Paige was in town, so we wanted to capture some photos together (I’ll post those soon), and it coincided with his seven-month birthday. The above pictures were taken in about two minutes. Not much time, but we had already been out there a while taking the other photos, and it was just too hot…

I’ll talk more about how/why I chose this location in the next post.

Lens: 28-105mm (set at 28mm)

ISO: 500;  f/5.0;  1/160 sec

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One Response to Seven Months of Life

  1. Nicole Lacy Friedel says:

    So sweet! I can’t believe it’s already been 7 months!! You are an amazing mother!!! Love you!

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