Bath Time

Since Tice’s very first bath, he has loved the water.

It is one of his favorite parts of the day, so it’s one of my favorite times, too. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of him during bath time, and I finally got around to it. But I’m going to need more. I just have to be careful, because the splashing can get out of control. My camera is weather resistant–but not waterproof!

Some of his first laughter was in the “tub,” and we have learned that nothing is as sweet as hearing our baby laugh. He loves when I pour the fresh water over him at the end of the bath. He’ll hold his breath and grin as little drops of water splash his face. When he thinks it’s hilarious, we think it’s hilarious!

There is so much joy in the innocence of a baby. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for the blessing that he has brought to our lives. I really didn’t mean for this to be an emotional post, but as I look at these pictures, I can’t help it. How can anyone hurt a baby? I want to love and protect him with every ounce of my being. I don’t take one second that we’re together for granted–not even when he’s fussy (or when I’m cleaning up exploding¬† poo clothes for the second time in one day!) The word “love” just seems inadequate at describing what I feel for him.

Thank you for indulging my emotional mommy moment. I will call it an “emo-mo-mo.” Okay, now I’m laughing. Gotta love hormones!

This is when his daddy kisses him goodnight, and we move on to his other favorite time of day (story time).

So, I need some recommendations for a baby tub. We started with a Tummy Tub, which was perfect for a newborn (especially in a drafty old house). After that, we’ve been using a little bath hammock in our kitchen sink. If he didn’t splash so much, the kitchen would be fine, but we really need to contain the water–the boy goes crazy as soon as he reclines on that hammock! I love our claw foot tub, but I think a baby tub to set inside it will be better until he’s bigger. I’m not sure though… I don’t just want to buy another baby item if we don’t really need it. I would appreciate any thoughts and/or suggestions you have! One that I’m looking at is the Fisher Price Aquarium Tub.

Technical details:

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 85 mm
ISO: 800
1/200 sec
Light: natural light from window above kitchen sink.
Notes: There were a lot of outtakes because the light made weird shadows on Tice’s face when he was directly facing me. I tried moving around and was able to get a few that weren’t as bad.

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4 Responses to Bath Time

  1. Celinda Zwerneman says:


    I wouldn’t worry about getting that fancy aquarium tub. The fact is, he will grow out of it very soon and be in a big person tub before you know it. I would suggest spending half the money and buying this plain tub (The First Years) from Walmart or Target:

    I got this one used from someone for my daughter, Carsyn, and it has worked great. It is lined with a cushiony-soft foam. There is an elevated side for laying the baby down when they are newborn, but there is also another side where you can actually sit him up in the upright back rest portion when they start sitting up. It really supports them, even when they are still wobbly with sitting up.

    We just bathe Carsyn in it inside of this tub inside a regular bath tub. After the bath, I drain it, turn it over to empty out the excess water, and lean it on the tub wall to let it dry.

    It is one of the less fancy tubs out there….but hey….it works great. This is just a suggestion.

    And your baby boy is just precious……. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Munchkin makes a rubber duckie inflatable tub that my kids loved, ($14 @ walmart or babiesrus) it is larger, but still fits inside your tub. Lasted us a long time, because they had room to grow.. I also bought a long wide piece of foam from Hobby Lobby, fabric store has it too..( the green 2inch thick stuff comes in different lengths and widths) and put it in the tub to sit on. I would just squeeze it out and hang it over the side of the tub to dry.

  3. Nicole Lacy Friedel says:

    If you could hold out another few weeks, he will be sitting up on his own, and he can use the big tub. The biggest problem with baby tub is storage; I was ready to get rid of mine as soon as my kids could sit up. I think both of my kiddos were sitting up in big bath by 7 months. I put Dean in with KatieLynn around 6 months, mostly because it was easier to give them baths at the same time, and he sat in a little seat-thing that supported his back, and had suction cups on bottom. It was a hand-me-down; I don’t think I would have bought it with my own money, as I only used 3-4 weeks… but it might be worth borrowing somebody else’s or finding real cheap. Good luck! Love all the pics!!

  4. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the tips, girls! I removed the Aquarium Tub from my Amazon order. I’ll give him a few more weeks in the sink before moving him to the big tub–maybe he won’t need anything new.

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