Behind the Scenes: My Helpers

This post is about the pictures–and the helping hands/paws/claws/beaks just outside the frame when I’m shooting.

I’m usually taking tons of pictures, documenting both the beautiful and the mundane here on the Shady Acre. Only a tiny fraction of the pics I take wind up on the blog, so today I thought I would share some of the behind the scenes shots–some outtakes of all my little helpers.

Before this little helper came along, I had all the animals.

Sometimes, my helpers show up without warning. Like below, Matt Damon had to get in the basil update shot… (Remember the basil I planted a couple of weeks ago?)

I did get one shot that just had his whiskers… But then I had to stop shooting to give my sweet feline some love.

And the other morning, when I was trying to get a shot of the golden bougainvillea…

This is what I captured first…


Other times, I just get distracted by my helpers, and they become my subjects.

Like these shots of Sweetie Pie. If I have my camera and one of the birds is even somewhat still, I will try to get a pic. The birds are rarely still, I tell ya.

Oh, she’s on the move again…

But now the dog’s in her way. (He’s watching squirrels, oblivious to her.)

I apologize for the motion blur in the next shot, but it was a split second moment, and it entertains me too much to not share. (Remember, I’m easily entertained…)

Now, it may look like Sargent is going after the chicken, but really, he is just jumping up and turning around in the same move–very quickly–still oblivious to the chicken. I’m pretty sure I heard the chicken curse as she tried to get out of his way. She definitely squawked, which is probably chicken profanity.

Guess what. I love all the distractions. I love that my “helpers” make it interesting around here. I mean, the plant shots are pretty, but how boring would my blog be if I only photographed blooms? The animals (and now the baby, of course!) are what/who make it fun to be out here. They’re the life of the party, and I’m glad I’m invited.

How about you–who are your favorite distractions–I mean helpers?

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