Wavy Glass Summer View

One of the things I love about old houses are the little “imperfections.” Wavy glass windows fall into that category.  I know our windows aren’t energy efficient, but I can’t imagine replacing them unless we could reuse all the wavy glass. The view through their dreamy distortion is just another reminder of the history this house has seen.

This window above/behind the bed in Tice’s room looks up into the tree tops. An oak tree, a pecan tree, and a crape myrtle. It seems like the crape myrtle came into full bloom overnight, and we are loving the summer color that has been added to our view. (Harper said he could see the blooms, so even if Tice is colorblind like his daddy, hopefully he can see these, too.)

Happy summer solsTice tomorrow!

Ha ha! Am I cheesy or what? Just had to sneak that in!

…and that–because I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in B&W or color! Which one do you like?


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4 Responses to Wavy Glass Summer View

  1. Deb Alvarado says:

    How can I pick a favorite??!! I just want to smooch his neck! “Happy summer solTice!”
    (Good one, Nat!)

  2. LaRena Tobola says:

    The one with the baby in it :)

  3. Laura Lacy says:

    They are both too cute for words!!

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