Trip to the Garden Center

Pre-baby, I was a regular at our local garden centers. I’m pretty sure they all felt a loss of income with my (almost) absence this spring.

Dear Plant People,

I will be back. I promise.



This morning, I had a good excuse for an early morning excursion to a single garden center. (In the old days, I would have gone to at least three.) I needed some basil for a recipe, and I refused to buy the tiny dried bunch they had at our grocery store for $2.50 when I could get a fresh plant for the same price. (Why don’t they sell basil in fresh bunches like cilantro and parsley? Especially at this time of year! Does your grocery store have the good stuff?)

We were the only ones there at 8:00, but it was so much cooler than waiting until after work. Obviously, something besides basil caught my eye on the way inside. Tice “sat” in the basket like a big boy, and he loved being able to see everything.

Oh, and the photo below explains how I chose which garden center to go to. It just happens to be across the street from the coffee shop. I go there even less than the garden centers…

Nonfat white chocolate mocha, no whip. Decaf (temporarily).

Okay, back to the green stuff.

You know how plants can look so good at the garden center, but when you get them home, they look awful within a few days? I have a couple of theories about this, but the main one is that the growers fertilize the you-know-what out of the plants prior to shipping so they look irresistible when they arrive at the garden centers. A lot of times, they dry out either during shipping or after they arrive. An over-fertilized and under-watered plant is a recipe for disaster, thus the quick fade a few days post-purchase. It’s like being all hopped up on caffeine and sugar and then crashing a few hours later.

So, to avoid adding another plant to the compost pile, when I buy new plants (especially impulse purchases like the golden-flowered Rudbeckia), I always make sure to water them as soon as they’re unloaded. If I have any rain water saved, that is even better. I still have some rain water from our last brief storm, so I used it to “doctor” the new plants.

Please pretend our back porch steps are not just concrete bricks. Instead, they are covered in beautiful flagstone. Thank you for indulging me.

I found basil for fresh corn salad (recipe to follow shortly). I’m still kicking myself for not getting my basil planted sooner.

Even though I rarely have luck with store-bought Rudbeckia, I just could not resist these beauties. I bought one that is already in full bloom (I will probably cut some of these for fresh flowers), and I found one that is just about to start blooming.

I’ll let you know what they look like this time next week…

I just read through this and realized how rambling it is, and I apologize for that. Can you tell I’ve been up since 5:40? I’m going to stop before it gets worse.

This is what I need to be doing… but without all the buckles.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Ahhhh!!! I LOVE his hat!!! What is that green thing on the starbucks cup?!?

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