The Ugly Truth

I have a confession. It isn’t pretty. (Well, actually it is pretty, but you’ll understand in a minute.) But there is an upside to this revelation.

Remember the last time I showed you the ugly truth? The uncontrolled weeds?

Well, the confession was just the motivation I needed to do something about it.

No, it’s not weedless yet, but I’ve made a good dent.

(Tice woke up super early Sunday morning, so I figured it would be a good time to get started. When I would look up to check on my baby, this was my view.)

I figured if showing you my weeds could motivate me, then maybe I should do it again for another task that should have been done long ago.

So, here it is:

Despite the rising temperatures, you could say it’s still winter at the Shady Acre.

Oh, my…

This would be my dining room. Right now. In June. Still clad in all its holiday glory.

Isn’t it lovely? (If it was winter…)

Let me explain.

I mean, I know there’s really no excuse for this, but it started innocently enough. I just wanted to enjoy my turquoise and snowflakes a little longer after Christmas. It seemed like I’d hardly had time to enjoy that room when we were taking down the other holiday decor, so, I left it there.

Then, Tice was born.

Then, I had a newborn to take care of.

Then, I started working again.

Then, I wanted to take pictures and do other things when I had any free time.

Then, it was suddenly June…

Feel free to ask me if I’ve taken it down yet. (Well, give me a few days–at least.) Eventually, I’ll be embarrassed enough to put out the summer junk.

The (almost) funny thing about it is that I still didn’t really get to enjoy it. I love that room, but we hardly ever eat in there. Out of sight, out of mind.

In hopes that this will light the motivational fire under my backside, I have even created a category for “the ugly truth.” So anytime you’re feeling bad about something that you haven’t done, you can just visit here.

We can keep each other company in our shame. But you have to share yours. Please tell me I’m not the only one with unfinished business. Please. Pretty please (with lots of holiday glitter on top).

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3 Responses to The Ugly Truth

  1. I am peeing my pants. I have to admit if I ever have a child I might just divy up every room in my house by holiday and leave the decorations up permanently. Otherwise – I wouldn’t decorate! I mean I got a dog and nearly had to give up shaving just to cope with the time adjustment of walking/taking her out to pee/etc. So please – put the shame aside and have a cocktail!!! Oh and don’t feel any guilt at ALL btw because the decorations were absolutely stunning and put mine to shame!

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks, Alisa! I like your idea about a room per holiday–sounding more practical by the minute. Oh, and dogs/puppies are great practice for kids, especially if you have a needy pup. The thought of having a puppy right now is as overwhelming as the thought of having another baby!

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