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On Assignment

Tice is traveling with me for a work assignment, and he’s been a trooper. This was at the end of a long, hot day yesterday, just moments before he fell asleep on the way to the hotel. And I had … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: My Helpers

This post is about the pictures–and the helping hands/paws/claws/beaks just outside the frame when I’m shooting. I’m usually taking tons of pictures, documenting both the beautiful and the mundane here on the Shady Acre. Only a tiny fraction of the … Continue reading

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Poke Weed

I’ve wondered where poke weed gets its name. I get the weed part, because it can grow like one, but where does the “poke” come from? If you know, please tell. Actually, after looking at this picture again, I think … Continue reading

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Salsa Fresca

There are few (if any) appetizers/dips in this world better than a simple salsa fresca. Our quest for the perfect salsa fresca has been a long one, and I’ve enjoyed devouring all the spicy experiments. It started almost a decade … Continue reading

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Wavy Glass Summer View

One of the things I love about old houses are the little “imperfections.” Wavy glass windows fall into that category.  I know our windows aren’t energy efficient, but I can’t imagine replacing them unless we could reuse all the wavy … Continue reading

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