Another Monday Night at the Shady Acre

6:37 Tice tasted rice cereal tonight, and it was quite a sight!

Dr. Baker told us it was a good idea to give him a little bit just to get him used to the spoon. Supposedly babies are a lot more open-minded about these things before they reach the ripe old age of six months.

Most of it stayed outside the pie hole. But that’s okay–obviously, this boy is not going around hungry.

He’s still cute, even with slop on his sweet face!

We are so entertained!

We didn’t want¬† to be wasteful, so his daddy ate the leftovers.

7:07 Today’s Harvest: one chicken egg, one duck egg, and four tomatoes. (Actually, there were five tomatoes, but one had a wormhole and was subsequently devoured by the chickens.)

Let me back up a minute, though. It is quite difficult to get a shot of tomatoes without being swarmed by yard birds. I wanted to take the picture in the grass, but I knew I would have to move quickly. No matter where they are on this acre, the birds can spot the red fruit and start pecking and tearing at it like starving savages before I can say “tomato.”


…Rushing–snapping the picture before it’s in focus, because I can hear the crazy animals chattering as they rush towards me.


I finally get focused and block the chickens with one leg, only to have Sargent attack from the other side. They were conspiring together!

This is what it looked like from Harper and Tice’s point of view:

I was definitely outnumbered by beggars!


7:09 In a brief moment of friskiness, Sargent decided to chase the football. Just once, though.

7:11  Just a few minutes until we headed inside for the routine: bath time, story time, and bedtime. Harper played with Tice, and I took a few pictures of my hydrangeas.

Remember how Harper likes to make funny faces for the camera? He’s already teaching Tice his bad habits.

Like the rest of the plants, the hydrangeas benefited greatly from the rain last week. Life is good, and we are blessed!

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