Cradle Comfort

There is a ridiculous amount of gear, clothing, toys, and random items needed when you have a baby. Some of the things come in quite handy from time to time, but there are a few things that I consider “must-haves.” Of course, all babies are different, and Tice’s “must-have” items might not be the same as other babies.

This cradle (or Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper) by Fisher Price is one of the items that we love. (Thanks, Aunt Dee!) Tice has slept in it almost every night since he was born.

There are so many reasons that it works well for a newborn:

-The way the hammock cradles him–it keeps him from flopping around and waking himself up (the way he does when we’ve tried the crib). I think it’s the closest feeling to being held (other than swaddling–which he hates).

-The inclined position helps prevent reflux.

-It’s light weight and can easily be moved from room to room. We did this in those first few weeks. It was in the living room during the day and our room at night. Now it stays in Tice’s room, as he only sleeps in it at night.

-It folds up for easy travel. We’ve been on four or five overnight trips and this is so compact and easy to pack.

-The cover is machine washable and dries very quickly.

He’s wondering why he’s in his bed during the day here…

I told him it was to model that cradle and make it look good. He said, “Aw, Mom!” and smirked.

Ours is from Target, but they are on sale at right now. If you’re going to have a newborn anytime soon, I highly recommend this! We are not looking forward to the day he outgrows it…

Let me know if you have any items you recommend.

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2 Responses to Cradle Comfort

  1. Heather says:

    Ok, you sold me! I happen to be having a newborn this year! Lol! I better register for this! Who knew that we would have babies in the same year! I’m so excited!

  2. Laura Lacy says:

    That looks super comfy. I will definitely keep it in mind. My uncle was planning on building a cradle, but this seems to be better suited for a newborns needs and very convenient. Hmmmmm….now you’ve got me thinking.

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