Four Years of Blogging

Today is the four-year anniversary of my first blog post! Back then, I called it a “Home & Garden Journal” instead of a “blog.” We hadn’t come up with the clever “The Shady Acre” title yet either. It was just me documenting tidbits of what we were doing in the house and the yard.

May 2007

Back then:

-There were SO many projects.

-There was no back porch.

-The pictures were small.

-The writing was short.

-I wanted to document our lives.


-There are still SO many projects.

-There is a back porch.

-The pictures are big.

-The writing is a little longer.

-I want to document our lives on The Shady Acre.

Back when we first bought the house in 2004, I started taking pictures. I went through the place and took before pictures in every room, knowing I wanted to document our progress.

In 2004 we ripped out the wood paneling and cheese cloth wall paper in the master bedroom.

I had found an online home journal (blog) called Enon Hall, and I was addicted. I couldn’t wait to see what they had worked on at their old house in the country each week. I pretty much patterned my journal like theirs back in those days.

Harper tore down the awning over the back door to make room for the new porch in July 2007. The house was also being prepped for paint.

I always intended to go back and add the pictures from 2004-2007 to my journal index… Maybe one of these days I will. They are all organized by date and sized for web, so it shouldn’t take long.

I really need to do that. Later.

In the meantime, here are just a few of my favorite images from the early days that take me down memory lane. If you’re really bored, you can click on any of them that are after May 2007, and it will take you to that month of blog posts.

August 2007, Guest bedroom (now Tice's room)

Harper was covered in dirt after tearing out the dropped ceiling tiles in 2004.

This is the living room the day we closed on the house (October 2004).

Before pic of the kitchen, 2004

You can click on the kitchen picture to see the transformation of the kitchen.

I stained and sealed each 4"x16' piece of bead board for the ceilings (2005).

One of our first projects–the bead board ceilings. I can remember the daunting stacks of lumber. We thought we could do it all in a weekend or two, but it took several months.

Hens in a row, September 2007

Awe! They were still pretty little back then. That makes me miss Zina (2nd from left) and Paula Deen (far right). Damn hawks.

October 2007, Three-year anniversary of owning this home

That will always be one of my favorites. Good, good times together.

Thanks for visiting The Shady Acre! I hope to keep documenting the life we’ve been blessed with for a long time!

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