I Bought a Harley!

My love for Harley Davidsons began when I was a teenager. My best friend, Tami, and I would dream about hitting the open road on our hogs some day. We bought Harley t-shirts, stickers, anything Harley. I even bought a pack of Harley Davison cigarettes just for the logo (My mom wasn’t nearly as impressed and eventually threw them away.) Tami named her show pig Harley. As soon as I started driving (way back in 1994), I put a big fat Harley sticker on the rear window of my black 1976 RS Camaro. It looked pretty bad-ass (at least until the cheap Maaco paint job started to flake off).

Anyway, I dreamed of owning a real Harley.

Well, last weekend, I found a miniature version when my mom, Tice, and I were junkin’ in Round Top at the antique festival. And, of course, it’s not for me; it’s for our little T-bird.

It’s handmade, and it’s solid wood. It’s a heavy little booger.

The carved details are amazing. It’s a piece of art! Functional art. Functional art that is a toy! Does it get any better?

I picked it up for $100, which I think was a steal. It is (FUNctional) art, after all.

Now that I’m the mom, I’ll be the one telling Tice that this better be the only motorcycle he ever owns!

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2 Responses to I Bought a Harley!

  1. Robyn Farmer says:

    Such a great find! The quality is amazing.

  2. Laura Lacy says:

    Very cool! Great find. T-bird will be the coolest baby on the block.

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