Spring Things

I’m pretty sure I met this little green anole lizard this winter. Apparently he makes his home in a pot of my walking irises. The irises will freeze, so we always bring them inside before the weather turns frigid. Because of the extended cold spells this year, the plants spent more time indoors than out during the winter months. One evening, I noticed him in the irises looking skinny and lethargic–I guess the warm indoor air coaxed him from his winter slumber. Harper or I always put the the plant outside on warm days, so he always had a chance to bolt. I guess he never did because I found him on one of the blades when I was taking pictures of the blooming irises.

I ended up shooting way more of the lizard than the irises, but the irises were pretty, too!

And now, some bearded irises…

We bought these irises at a little garden center outside of Round Top last year. This is the first time they have flowered, and they are lovely. I don’t remember their name, but every time I look at them, I think of homemade peach ice cream. They have a peachy tint, and the little beard is like a chunk of the fruit. Now I’m hungry for homemade peach ice cream.

Harper has been helping with (uh, maybe more than just helping…) the bigger planting projects as I have to frequently tend to the baby. However, it looks like the ducks are the only ones tending to the baby in the picture above.

Tice has really started to watch all the animals. He looks so small in this picture! (It was taken a few weeks ago.)

I love these little ground orchids. They are always one of the first things to bloom (These were also taken a few weeks ago.).

Bevo doesn’t really blend in with the background very well. No one told her that purple and red are not friends on the color wheel.

Ah, much better!

Now, go lay an egg, please! And stay out of my strawberries!

My strawberries started ripening earlier than ever this year–maybe because Harper did such a good job protecting them during the really-cold spells. They are sweet and delicious! But the chickens really have discovered them, and they will sneak up on the back porch any chance they get. I made a little chicken wire topper to put over them a couple of years ago. It works pretty well to fend off the song birds, but the chickens are much too persistent to let it deter them.

Here is soft sign of spring.

This silly cat doesn’t spend nearly as much time indoors when the weather is nice (which is fine, because he is a shedding fool right now!), but he always wants to visit if we come outside.

When spring arrives, Matt Damon’s beautiful blonde coat goes from thick to patchy. I guess it’s an allergy to something because it happens at the same time every year. You can see some of his bald spots here.

Hi, Matty-D!

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