I Love This Dog

The sweetest dog in the world turned eight years old today! It’s hard to imagine life without him. Even though eight is getting old for a Great Dane, he still acts like a puppy in many ways. Sure, he doesn’t jump as high anymore, and he uses a ramp to climb into Harper’s truck most of the time, but his personality is still puppy-like.

I wish I had some digital photos of when he was a “tiny” puppy. (If I had time, I would scan them. One of these days I’ll do that.) Anyway, he weighed only ten pounds when I got him for Harper’s 26th birthday. I held him and let him sleep in my lap as much as possible because I knew it wouldn’t last long. And it didn’t. Great Danes grow REALLY quickly. They sleep. They eat. They grow. Oh, and they LOVE you!

And now, a trip down memory lane…

This was when he was four months old. That comforter (mine from college days) became his blankie. It was ridiculous how he would carry it around. I finally threw it away a few years ago, but it was unrecognizable from that photo!

His name was Shane when we got him from the breeder. We renamed him “Sargent Prince of Sweetness” when we registered him with AKC. (His father’s name was Prince and his mom was Sweetness.) And his name fits him! But he has lots of nicknames, including Cupcake.

We had been married less than two years when this silly creature entered our lives, so he’s been with us most of the time. Whether we’re working in the yard all day or just watching TV together, he’s around. But his favorite activity is going for a ride. We even have to spell out R-I-D-E, or he gets too excited. I’ll see if I can find a picture of him in the truck…

One of my favorite photos of man and his best friend! He was 7 months old. I guess you might have noticed that Harper likes to be really serious for the camera. We used that one for our 2003 Christmas card.

He’s always been good with kids. (BTW, this is Rylie in 2004; she’s our friend that knitted the little hat for Tice.)

In 2006, we took him to Galveston when we stayed at Brandi and D’s new beach house. Carli loved introducing Sarge to the waves. She was so young! Now she’s almost twelve and looking very grown up.

Before this house was ready to move into, we would come and work on the weekends and after we got off work. He was always with us. This was when we were plastering and painting our master bedroom.

Okay, I’m almost finished–two more of my favorites. The one above is also from 2004. It was a self-portrait I took of us in my old studio on Valentine’s Day. Sargent kept walking around us in circles, trying to figure out what we were doing. I have a 16×20 of it matted and framed in our living room. I love it.

Sargent watches over his Shady Acre.

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2 Responses to I Love This Dog

  1. Robyn Farmer says:

    I love all of those memories. I feel the same way about our lil pup. She was with us from the beginning of our marriage and is still our first born.

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