A Saint Patrick’s Day Story

I took these on St. Patrick’s Day. It was also Tice’s first time to sit in the Bumpo. He has been straining to try to lift up/sit, so I thought he might be ready for it.

And now, a St. Patty’s Day story…

It started the night before. I asked Harper if he wanted me to pick out a shirt for him to wear for St. Patrick’s Day (since he’s color blind). He declined my offer. He said he was going to wear the shirt that had green stripes. I thought about insisting, but I didn’t want to push, and he does have a shirt with green stripes.

The next morning, Tice was still sleeping when Harper was ready to leave for work, which means I was still in bed. The last thing on my mind when he was telling me good-bye was St. Patrick’s Day.

Fast forward to that afternoon… (You probably already know where this is going.) Harper joined us on the back porch when he came home from work.

I asked him if he could tell that Tice’s shirt was green, and he said he could.

“You must have forgotten to wear green this morning,” I said, hoping that it had just slipped his mind.

“I am wearing green!” Dang-it. He thought it was that other shirt.

“Nope. No green in that shirt.”


That’s pretty much how it went. Except I was laughing–with him, of course. But no one ended up pinching him (except me), so I guess it worked out for him.

The end.

Ah, my cute little slobber box! You can see how blue his eyes still are. We keep thinking they will turn brown, but there are no signs of it yet. We knew there was a chance he would have blue or green eyes, but brown was more probable.

We love a blue-eyed boy.

We would love a brown-eyed boy, too.

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2 Responses to A Saint Patrick’s Day Story

  1. Nevie Lacy says:

    Well, both guys look pretty good to me, and green is apparently only in the eye of the beholder, anyway!

  2. Laura Lacy says:

    I can’t tell from the pics…..what color are the stripes on Harper’s shirt? Love the pics. Keep ‘em coming. BTW, I pinched Leland on St. Patrick’s Day and apparently a left a mark b/c I pinched him so hard! Well…..he should’ve worn green!

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