Hilarious/Disturbing Distraction

I’m working from home this morning, and this thing was staring up at me from the edge of my desk. Now I have work to finish (so close!), but I just had to share this disturbing distraction with the rest of you who might still be on your computers this Christmas Eve day.

I don’t know which is more disturbing: the fact that this was the “toy” in a plastic egg of a coin machine (like the ones with gum, candy, or cheap plastic toys), or that I found it interesting enough to not throw it away. I think I just kept it to take a picture of it. I needed proof that it was real.

You might remember seeing/reading about the machine. It was one of my inexpensive Warrenton finds.

I’m even more amused that it has a loop/eyelet. Of course someone would want to put it on a necklace and wear it. Awesome.

Maybe I’ll give it to one of my nieces or nephews at Christmas tonight. Ho, ho, ho! Who wants it?

Now, back to work!

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  1. Laura Lacy says:

    Merry Christmas!! We are so eager to hear any news from Brenham about Tice entering the world. We hope and pray that all goes well. Good luck!!

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