Nursery Progress

Well, the nursery is still a mess, but there is some progress. Remember the old Chevy truck front that I bought at Warrenton?

It’s definitely turned into a Lange family project to get it ready for the wall in the nursery. Harper’s brother and one of our nephews helped unbolt all the radiator support that was still attached to the back, and that eliminated about half of the weight. (It did weigh about 100 lbs, and it was really awkward.)

Since then, Harper and his dad have been working on it. I thought they would just knock off the loose paint and then repaint it, but they said they just couldn’t “half-ass” it once they got started. So, they’ve been sandblasting, grinding, and scraping all the way down to the metal.

Sargent likes to go supervise, of course.

Harper’s dad has patience and cool power tools. I love watching them work on stuff together. When it comes to cars, they work well together. And they have fun talking trash and finishing with a few cold drinks at the end of the day! It’s just how they roll.

It is going to be so cool! Maybe we’ll just put it in the living room.

No, I’m kidding.

I snapped this of one of Gary’s old tractors. I know it’s random, but I’m thinking about using a print of it in the nursery. Maybe. Maybe not.

This one is definitely not going in the nursery. I don’t even know why I took it, but I just had to go check out the remains of my fall decor. We took all my pumpkins out there on Thanksgiving because it’s become kind-of a tradition to shoot skeet (and now pumpkins) at the Lange family Thanksgiving after the meal/before the game.

Okay, back to the nursery. Sorry, I’m easily sidetracked.

I’ll start with some pictures from last year when it was the guest room.

It didn’t look exactly like this, but pretty close. I had already swapped the desk for a couch, and there was a bookcase in the left corner.

Luckily, it’s a pretty big room, so a lot of the regular furniture is staying.

We added some shelves for vintage toys to make it look more like a little boy’s room.

The old yellow toy came from Missy, one of my best friends that was a hostess at our couples shower. She’s a talented and creative florist, and she had one of the flower arrangements in the truck on the dessert table.

The gumball/prize machine was a $10 find at Warrenton–actually from the same lady that I bought the Chevy from. Right now it has glass Christmas balls inside it because I had it in the living room until my brother and sis-in-law helped us hang the shelves up in the nursery. I want to fill it with something more colorful, but I just haven’t figured it out yet. Let me know if you have any suggestions. When I got it home from Warrenton (Nicole kindly carried it for me when we were shopping during our girls’ weekend!), I realized there was still a little toy prize inside in one of those plastic eggs. It was a little white ghoul face with a really long cigar to stick in the mouth. Seriously.

The Texas license plate was in one of our out-buildings when we bought this house, and the “Drive Thru” sign was from Harper’s family business.

Another one of my Warrenton treasures (my favorite!) is the train. About 2.5 feet long, it’s made out of cans and wood scraps. It is barely holding together, but I love it. It definitely has a story. I imagine some father that couldn’t afford to buy his son a toy train taking the time to solder the various-sized and shaped cans together. Who knows? I’m sure it was special to someone. And I picked it up for $10. Do you see why I like the Warrenton festival?

The wood Remington Sure Shot box is another one of my favorite shelf items, but it’s not from Warrenton. It’s from my dad. He wrote the book on the Remmington 700, so I have many childhood memories involving all-things Remmington. Hopefully Tice will associate it with his Papa as much as I have.

I found the red “T” for $11 at an antique store during one of our Texas LIVE trips to Bastrop.

The (boat? train?) lantern is from an auction at one of the downtown Brenham buildings several years ago. I think it was around $70, but it was worth it! It has the richest red patina. It was almost painful to take it out of the living room, but I replaced it with some Christmas decor. I’m not sure where it will be after the holidays.

Looking at this picture, I realize how much is left to do! It looks a little cluttered with the couch and the bookcase, but I don’t really have another good place for the couch. And it’s comfortable, so I’m probably going to be using it a lot! Again, it’s far from finished, but it’s more fun if you see the mess/progress before the reveal. Right?

One thing I did finish is the bed skirt for the crib. I actually started it AND finished it in the same day, which NEVER happens when I start a project! But I kept it really simple, so that helped. I’ve noticed the trend for the crib bed skirts is really full and billowy, but I wanted a clean, simple look. I used inexpensive ivory/light brown ticking from Wal-Mart. Fancy! Actually it’s very not-fancy, which is exactly what I wanted. Otherwise, I would have had to use a pattern, and I’m just not patient enough to be a pattern person. Some day…

This evening we met with our talented carpenter about building a closet for the nursery. (Nothing like waiting till the last minute!) I drew some plans a couple of months ago, so I know he will work his magic.

I might have mentioned this before, but storage is an issue in most old houses. I guess this one was built when people were still taxed on how many rooms their house had, and closets counted as rooms. That’s why there are no original closets in this house. Not one. Some have been added, and we had to take out some when we did our initial demo work (you can go back and look at the before pics if you’re curious), because they really didn’t fit.

Anyway, the new closet will replace the armoire in the corner of this picture (from last summer).

Have you noticed how the cats love this room? They think it belongs to them. Oh, how their (our) world is about to change.

I’ll take more pictures when Peewee starts on the closet next week. Hopefully the baby will wait until his closet is finished to enter this world!

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5 Responses to Nursery Progress

  1. Nevie says:

    What fun! Thanks for the update. Yes, hopefully Tice will wait til the sawdust is gone to show up!! But, not too much after that! :)

  2. I love the room! It looks great!
    I love all the little things “boy” in there… trucks and guns and gumballs… all of thier favorite things!
    Can’t wait to meet Tice!
    Love you!

  3. Carli conway says:

    its beautiful aunt Natalie i love it!!!!! (:

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