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Look What Followed Me Home…

Okay, maybe they didn’t follow me home. Maybe I bought them. Maybe. But that’s what can happen if I go to the feed-store for dog food when there’s adorable day-old chicks talking to Tice. There are three of them, and … Continue reading

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A Teachable Moment

My camera is usually nearby. You might think it would be a pain to always carry it around, but it’s mostly just a habit. I never know when there’s going to be something I want to capture, and often when … Continue reading

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Chicken Scratch

I wrote this for a 2008 issue of Texas LIVE Magazine, but I’ve never published it here… Chicken Scratch So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? For this wide-eyed fourth-grader, it was definitely a chicken. To be more … Continue reading

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Not Playing Opossom

Fall is almost over, but the leaves have just started to turn around here. It’s beautiful. I wish I could pause it and make it last all winter. We took some pictures yesterday to use on Christmas cards (if I … Continue reading

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November Slice of Life

I just found out that the temperature tonight might dip below freezing. Don’t you love how they change the forecast a few hours before it happens? I’m going to be so sad if it freezes! I’m not ready for the … Continue reading

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