Three Months of Life

My sweet baby will be four months old tomorrow, and I never posted his three-month pictures. We took these on his three-month birthday, which was the first full day of fall.

A few things I want to remember…

He has changed so much this month, and he’s growing like crazy. Seriously, he’s huge! He weighed 17 pounds at three months, and he is still very long. He’s showing more and more personality. He’s easy going, just like his big brother was. Also like his brother, he rarely cries unless he’s really tired or really hungry. He gives us lots of smiles and happy noises, but I’ve only heard him truly laugh a few times. He started rolling and grabbing his feet the week he turned three months, so he’s a pro at it now. I haven’t seen him manage to get his toes in his mouth yet, and judging by his long body and relatively short legs, that may be a very difficult maneuver. He still isn’t interested in a pacifier unless he’s unusually upset. I continue to offer him one every once in a while, but he usually just chews on it a little and spits it out. He also likes to chew on his hands. I’m guessing he’s going to be an early teether like brother. He doesn’t like the bottle, which is very inconvenient for the few times that I need to work on location or attend meetings for more than an hour or two. I guess he’ll figure it out if he gets hungry enough, but it doesn’t make it much fun for whoever is taking care of him.

And that’s about it for shots of him alone. Usually his brother is right there to love on him and help take care of him.

Tice loves him so much. My heart swells watching them together. I’ve said this before, but Tice was meant to be a big brother. He’s so entertaining, and Slade is always more content when Tice is around. It makes it easier for me to get things done around the house, because I’m not Slade’s only source for socializing. He’s such a good helper!

Tice still has trouble with his “L” sound, so he calls Slade “Swade.” I hear “Swade” and “Wittle Man” so often that I catch myself starting to call him those, too!

Tice and that darn hat! I guess I need to find him a new one that’s similar so we can retire this one. He wanted to wear it since Slade was wearing his.

Slade was still pretty wobbly in the seat, but Tice was so gentle and kept his hand behind his little brother to add just enough support. And he couldn’t resist kissing him–sometimes he’s such a good little subject to photograph! And sometimes he does stuff like this…

He was just dying to squeeze into that baby seat so I could take some pictures of him. So I let him. Sometimes the best way to get good pictures is to give them plenty of time to do what they want. And I always try to oblige when he asks me to take a picture of him–I think it helps him to be more willing and cooperative when I ask him to take the pictures I want to take. I knew these wouldn’t be framers, but they are fun.

Once he got that silliness out of his system, he cooperated for these…

Again, Tice had to support his little brother for these pictures. He’s only three and a half, but he’s already a strong shoulder for Slade to lean on. I pray that they always have each other to depend on. They’re off to a good start.

I love them so.





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