Summer Sweetness

I’m sure I’m not saying this because I’m their mother or anything, but these may be the sweetest boys ever!

Well, maybe it IS because I’m their mother, but these are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in a long time.

My little guy is not so little anymore. I took these a week ago when he was seven weeks old (today he’s eight weeks). His six-month (and even some of his nine-month) clothes fit him much better than the three-month clothes, but I refuse to pack the three-month stuff away yet. That was hard to do when Tice was a baby, but knowing that Slade will probably be our last makes it even more difficult. Moving up to the next size diapers and clothes is just hard to do! Well, diapers are a little easier since it means more stays contained…

Most of these pictures are un-posed. Partly because continually posing a three-year-old and a baby will end in frustration, and partly because this is a natural position for them to be in. If I lay Slade down on a blanket, Tice will lay next to him. (It’s so sweet. Sometimes he gets a book and “reads” to him, sometimes he talks to him, and sometimes he continues playing with a toy or watching TV and just enjoys being closer to his little brother. I’m soaking up those moments!)

Tice does have a bad habit of putting his hand in his mouth lately, so I did have to remind him a few times to take it out. I promised him a treat if he could remember while I was taking pictures. Never under estimate the power of Dum Dums, y’all…

Isn’t that vintage quilt great? I found it at one of the other booths at Hermann Furniture’s antique mall. As soon as I found it earlier this summer, I knew I would use it for pictures of Slade.

After thanking Tice for cooperating, I got the sucker I promised him. I figured he’d go play, and that would give me a chance to get a few shots of Slade by himself. I moved the quilt to a different part of the yard and laid Slade in the center. Tice and his sucker immediately joined Slade. I started to protest, but it was too cute, so I kept shooting. This is how Tice always lays next to his brother when he gets a chance. When I grabbed one of the Adirondack foot stools to stand on, Tice jumped up, too. Again, I started to protest, but luckily, I captured this shot. It’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken, and it was just caught by following the three-year-old’s lead. It will definitely go in a frame!

After that, I was able to get a few of Slade by himself. Sweet baby!

I can hardly handle this cuteness! I could stare at this face all day!

Oh, and I got one of big brother by himself…

I sure love these boys. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude that God chose me to be their mother!



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  1. Mom says:

    Thank you for the pics & perspective. Precious boys & precious moments!

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