He’s Working

Little man has gone through phases of being interested in playing on the iPad. We have some toddler apps, but usually he just uses it to watch Thomas on Netflix. It comes in handy on cold rainy days when we can’t go outside and we’ve already played with play-dough, read books, and painted.

Just recently, though, he discovered my Amazon.com app. Harper told me the other morning that T was on Amazon, and I assured Harper that he couldn’t order anything without signing in.

I was wrong.

I guess since I didn’t sign out after I placed an order at some point that morning, T was free to fill the cart and order his goods. When I checked my email while he was napping, I had several order confirmation messages from Amazon, totaling over $200. I immediately went to the website searching for the “Cancel Order” button. Since I’m a Prime member, I was afraid the stuff might have already shipped, but, luckily, I was able to cancel all but one of the orders.

Since then, I’ve made sure that we are signed out of Amazon on all our electronic devices, so T is free to browse. He calls his new pass time “working.”

“Are you ready to eat?”

“No, I’m busy working,” he’ll say without looking up.

I’m just glad he’s found a job he likes.


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One Response to He’s Working

  1. Lacy says:

    This is too funny. I guess I have been lucky this hasn’t happened to me. Brogan has officially taken my iPad over and he is pretty proficient on it. I am sure you know, but you can download the Amazon instant video app. For prime members, tons of shows and movies are available for free. Brogan is obsessed with Team Umizoomi right now so it is a lifesaver on these cold days. Congrats on another boy-the only thing better that one little boy is two (or three)! Take care.


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