Sargent Update and Other Friday Ramblings

I am very happy to report that Sargent has been doing much better with his anxiety issues. I take him walking with Tice four or five times a week, so he’s getting a bit more exercise. He’s even lost a few pounds, which is kind-of annoying because it isn’t that easy for me. I also bought him a new brush that I’ve been using on him daily, and he loves it. I don’t know for sure if those things are making the difference, but I think they are. They are good for him either way.

Other ramblings…

The few weeks leading up to press at the magazine are always hectic. I have so many pictures of life around here that I haven’t had time to post, so I have some catching up to do.

The chickens are all happy it’s spring. They are laying in full force again, so we have lots of fresh eggs–when I can find them. Sometimes they like to make a random nest under a shrub instead of laying the nesting boxes, so we have to go on a real egg hunt.

And speaking of egg hunts, I never posted Easter pictures. I’ll include those in a post about Tice, but here’s one of him with his Friedel cousins on the Lacy side.

The gardens are loving the warm weather. I planted several large pots that have been needing a home for several years, including this one that we bought at The Great Outdoors in Austin. I used foxtail fern, red mandevilla, and a huge sweet potato. The sweet potato vine is already trying to take over, so it will require some pruning. Sweet potato vine would be beautiful in our backyard flowerbeds, but Ava is OCD about pecking the leaves off the vine for some reason. She doesn’t even eat them–just plucks them off until the vine is bare. Hopefully this one is high enough off the ground to keep her at bay.

I took the picture below at the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence. It spoke to me.

To be more specific, it told me to build a rock border around all our flowerbeds. We did that at our other house, and I loved it. One day we’ll get around to doing it here.

The crinum lilies, snapdragons, and ligustrum have just about finished blooming. I enjoyed them while they lasted and even brought a few inside.

I better get back to work and packing. Tice and I are going with my parent to West Texas to visit my grandparents and family this weekend. I’ll post my favorite pics and memories of Tice’s 14th and 15th months when I get back.


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7 Responses to Sargent Update and Other Friday Ramblings

  1. Christi says:

    So glad to hear Sargent is doing better. I’m glad I am not the only one behind in posting… I wanted to post my Easter pics too, but felt like it was sooooo long ago. I may follow your lead, and post them anyway :) — That Rose Emporium photo speaks to me, too. Beautiful. — Hope you have nice weekend visit.

  2. I heart you. Tice is so precious. Enjoy West Texas and I want to know what’s up with your pup’s anxiety when you get back. Animals would make such easier family members if they could talk. Or not.

  3. Dallas says:

    Glad to see Sargent is having fun and losing a few (wish I could do that)! Your pictures are nothing less than, fantastic! I envy (even though I’m not supposed to do that) your ability to take objects and put those objects in to words that keep me reading. You write about chickens, I’m hooked! Not to mention, you’re photographic skills that make me want to reach inside you’re brain and steal those awesome synapses of yours, make me realize, I was one blessed student that was lucky enough to have you as an educator! I look at your page frequently, and I love seeing what you can do, and what you love!

  4. Dallas says:

    *im still having troubles with your and you’re! Some are supposed to be your! I proof read 5 times, and I still missed it.

  5. Natalie says:

    Thank you, Dallas! You just made my day! And you are incredibly creative and talented! You’re doing so much more than I was at your age, so I guess the envy goes both ways! I know you have amazing things in your future, and I can’t wait to see it unfold. Keep being you! :)

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