Right Now…

Right now I’m so thankful! At this moment, I’m taking a break from work to give thanks. I’m in my spot on the couch–the one that I’ve been spending countless hours in lately.

I’ve got my laptop awkwardly perched beside me, and I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy asleep on my lap. He has the sweetest content look on his face. His little chubby legs are peeking out from the sweatshirt I draped over him to keep him warm. His hands are balled up into perfect fists, and one arm is stretched out next to his head. I can see his long eyelashes and a tiny booger in his nose. He looks–perfect. Even his sweet little sounds make me smile–he just sighed. I can’t get to a camera to take a picture, so I’m capturing it with words instead.

I promise, I don’t usually have him in my lap all day! I would get nothing done! But he’s been a little fussy this afternoon, and when he fell asleep after feeding, I decided to leave him there to get some more work done.

Well, I better get back to work. I promise pictures next time!

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One Response to Right Now…

  1. Heather says:

    It made my week to see him (and his parents!) tonight! I love y’all so much! Please let me know when your next meeting is! I want to babysit!

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