Goodbye, 2010

It looks like the baby is waiting until 2011 to make his entrance! Of course, we are anxious to meet him, but it’s also been nice to have a few extra days to finish up things at work. I’ve also been doing a little bit here and there in the house, but I have to take a lot of breaks. Being 9+ months pregnant can really take its toll!

Right now, I’m sitting outside watching the dog savor a treat, the chickens forage, the ducks play in their water, and Queso stalk a dove (Matt Damon is passed out on my chair in the office). The “cold” front has arrived, and it’s just made things a little cooler, but it’s really knocked down the humidity, so it feels great out here. It’s a peaceful end to 2010.

Thanks for visiting The Shady Acre this year! I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. So, until 2011, cheers!

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2 Responses to Goodbye, 2010

  1. nancy jahns says:

    Happy New Year! Enjoy the serenity of the evening.

  2. What a lovely, serene end to an exciting year for you guys. Of course I guess 2011 will be even more exciting! Maybe he’s waiting for your birthday? ;) Love the pic and hearing about all the animals. Happy New Year!!

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