Warrenton Antique Show: Part 1

I already posted some of these pictures on our Texas LIVE site, but I made it back to Warrenton for a few hours on the following Saturday, so I had to share what I found.

I thought I needed the red radio in the photo below, but it wasn’t there when I went back.

I saw lots of fun chairs. I don’t need them, but I wish I did. The brown ones on the lower-right are very similar to some that my Lacy grandparents had when I was growing up. They had one orange one and one turquoise one, and I can still remember the sound of us cousins spinning each other around until we were dizzy. Good times!

I know a lot of the stuff is junk, but in the right hands, junk can turn into art. Check out the surprise in Granny McCormick’s window…

I love the junky old bottles! They are perfect for bud vases. The purple bottles used to be clear, but they were made with glass containing manganese, which will turn the glass purple if left out in the sun (it usually takes years). Sometimes people left them out on purpose, but most of them were probably just tossed into trash piles and collected decades later.

I was looking for old car parts and possibly something large, like an old truck/car grill for the baby’s room, but I had no idea what kind of prices to expect. I found a great booth with quite a selection of anything automotive/transportation related.

Some of their prices were really reasonable, and the nice woman was very willing to negotiate. I bought the Chevy pick-up in the picture above; I think it’s a ’61. I was relieved that they loaded it for me–it barely fit in the back of Harper’s truck. It’s pretty cool as-is, but it will look even better with some new paint and working lights. How fun for a kid’s room! I found the stuff in the picture below at the same booth. I purchased them for just a few dollars apiece, but I saw the same kind of stuff in other booths priced much higher. And let’s face it: it’s junk. I know I’m going to turn it into something “pretty,” but I want to pay for it like it’s junk!

A lot of the home decor booths are too feminine and shabby chic for my house, but they’re fun to look at.

I’ll show you more of what I bought in the next post!

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7 Responses to Warrenton Antique Show: Part 1

  1. Laura Lacy says:

    What a great idea for a nursery. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Haley says:

    Love the car parts that you bought! The nursery is going to be so cute!

    I’m glad you got away with taking all of these pics. I tried to take a picture of a man walking a duck on a leash and he yelled at me and tried to make me pay him a dollar for the picture! Needless to say, I did not give him my dollar.

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks, Haley! I wish I could have snapped a picture of the man with a duck on a leash yelling at you–that would have been something! Oh, and I promise to not walk my ducks on a leash…

  3. You are so damn good at things like this Nat! What an awesome idea for the baby’s room. Such a lucky little guy!

  4. Hello, I know this is an old post, but wanted to stop in and comment on your last picture. I see you stopped by my booth at Zapp Hall. That was probably one of my fav displays I put together. I also see you work for Texas Live and have been fortuante enough to have been featured several times in this great magazine. If you are out this Spring, hope you stop by booth again at Zapp. Happy Junkin!

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