Fall Fun

I’ve been taking pictures of the boys each month around Slade’s birthday. These were a little late (taken on Dec. 5), but still show him at five months. Tice is less than a month away from turning four. I can’t handle it! They’re both growing so fast, but I’m so thankful for the front seat view to watch it happen.

Their brotherly love grows each day, too. I’ve noticed that Tice is having a hard time remembering us as a family of three. It’s interesting–he has a great memory and can recall some things from two years ago, but his little brother has become such a big part of his life that it’s hard to imagine that he wasn’t always around. Tice will ask me about something that happened in the past and then ask if Slade was there. If the answer is no, the next question will be, “Was he in your tummy?” and if that answer is no, then “Was he in heaven?” is next.

After many of those kind of questions about our life before him and life before Slade, I explained by saying that the person was in heaven before it was their time to be born. Not sure that’s without flaw, but it’s the best I’ve got for the relentless questions of a little one trying to figure out the world. Since Harper and I were married for nine years before Tice was born, there are a lot of things that predate him–our house, Sargent, the cats, the chickens, etc… And it’s hard for that young mind to imagine a world without him. I remember being the same way at his age–I couldn’t imagine my parents before we were born. What did they do if they weren’t Mommy and Daddy? Mind blowing.

Anyway, back to my little critters.

The leaves fell early this year, so the pecan trees are pretty much bare. We have a nice carpet of brown to play on, though.

Slade’s eyes are closed, but I love their expressions and the bare feet.

Before we went outside, I “combed” Tice’s hair with my hand, so he did this to get his brother camera ready…

I can’t look at it without smiling.

And since Slade was distracted by the chickens and other backyard entertainment, I kept trying to get his attention. My little assistant quickly did the same. Tickling and whistling to get smiles…

Time to move on.

Isn’t he the sweetest? Those big brown eyes and cherub cheeks slay me.

And this little stinker was happy because he got his sucker for cooperating for pictures. It’s a bribe I’ll gladly pay.

He’s figured out a way to teeter-totter by himself.


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The Nest: A Cottage Rental

I haven’t shared any of my photography work lately, but I’ve sure been loving it. I’m not doing too much since Slade is still home with me, but when I have time, I’ve focused more on commercial work than portraits. I still have a steady gig for Hermann Furniture, and this fall I’ve shot for The Nest (a cottage rental) and Leftovers Antiques.

Here’s The Nest…

The Nest is located just a few miles west of Brenham–perfect for Round Top and Warrenton shoppers!

Owners Jay and Sally White transformed a 1940s motor court lodge into a little country cottage. Their beautiful collection of vintage treasures has the perfect home, and the white walls make all those original colors and patina really pop. Designer Holly Mathis took what they already had, added just what they needed, and then styled it seamlessly together.

One of the things I like about it is that it’s not too masculine or too feminine, as many B&Bs tend to be. And I love the vintage pieces they’ve collected over the years. Jay joked that the fabulous Mid-Century table was their inspiration for the whole place. They bought it years ago and didn’t want to part with it even though it didn’t work in their house. The cottage gave them a great excuse to keep it!

I’ll be going back in the spring to capture the exterior and gardens. Jay has a master’s degree in horticulture and runs the popular gardening website The Masters of Horticulture. The cottage overlooks the gorgeous gardens and has a lovely country view to enjoy sunrise or sunset.

As far as I know, The Nest has not been booked yet for Antiques Week. If you’re interested, contact them for details quickly. As anyone who has tried to book a room near the antique shows will tell you–it’s almost impossible. This little treasure will be snapped up in no time, especially with their reasonable rate.

Contact Jay and Sally at nestbrenham@gmail.com or 713-870-9312.


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Two Little Pumpkins

I wanted to get some fall pictures of the boys with the pumpkins. I love the how the evening light makes it look like we have more fall color than we really do.

There were plenty of outtakes. Below are two of my favorites. This one is Tice “whistling.” Any time Harper or I whistle to Sargent, Tice immediately mimics us by putting his finger in his mouth and making a high-pitched sound.

And then Sargent took a rather stinky poop way too close to our pretty fall scene.

Of course, Tice had to put on a silly show. Harper was already home from work when we took these, and he kept trying to get Tice to quit being goofy. I guess he didn’t read my last blog post! The little session was about to turn into something stressful, so I assured Harper that I had taken plenty of posed shots, so Tice could just play. And eat leaves?

Ham it up, child. Of course, I want to see how strong you are!

Yes, show me your muscles!

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of the year?


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Three Months of Life

My sweet baby will be four months old tomorrow, and I never posted his three-month pictures. We took these on his three-month birthday, which was the first full day of fall.

A few things I want to remember…

He has changed so much this month, and he’s growing like crazy. Seriously, he’s huge! He weighed 17 pounds at three months, and he is still very long. He’s showing more and more personality. He’s easy going, just like his big brother was. Also like his brother, he rarely cries unless he’s really tired or really hungry. He gives us lots of smiles and happy noises, but I’ve only heard him truly laugh a few times. He started rolling and grabbing his feet the week he turned three months, so he’s a pro at it now. I haven’t seen him manage to get his toes in his mouth yet, and judging by his long body and relatively short legs, that may be a very difficult maneuver. He still isn’t interested in a pacifier unless he’s unusually upset. I continue to offer him one every once in a while, but he usually just chews on it a little and spits it out. He also likes to chew on his hands. I’m guessing he’s going to be an early teether like brother. He doesn’t like the bottle, which is very inconvenient for the few times that I need to work on location or attend meetings for more than an hour or two. I guess he’ll figure it out if he gets hungry enough, but it doesn’t make it much fun for whoever is taking care of him.

And that’s about it for shots of him alone. Usually his brother is right there to love on him and help take care of him.

Tice loves him so much. My heart swells watching them together. I’ve said this before, but Tice was meant to be a big brother. He’s so entertaining, and Slade is always more content when Tice is around. It makes it easier for me to get things done around the house, because I’m not Slade’s only source for socializing. He’s such a good helper!

Tice still has trouble with his “L” sound, so he calls Slade “Swade.” I hear “Swade” and “Wittle Man” so often that I catch myself starting to call him those, too!

Tice and that darn hat! I guess I need to find him a new one that’s similar so we can retire this one. He wanted to wear it since Slade was wearing his.

Slade was still pretty wobbly in the seat, but Tice was so gentle and kept his hand behind his little brother to add just enough support. And he couldn’t resist kissing him–sometimes he’s such a good little subject to photograph! And sometimes he does stuff like this…

He was just dying to squeeze into that baby seat so I could take some pictures of him. So I let him. Sometimes the best way to get good pictures is to give them plenty of time to do what they want. And I always try to oblige when he asks me to take a picture of him–I think it helps him to be more willing and cooperative when I ask him to take the pictures I want to take. I knew these wouldn’t be framers, but they are fun.

Once he got that silliness out of his system, he cooperated for these…

Again, Tice had to support his little brother for these pictures. He’s only three and a half, but he’s already a strong shoulder for Slade to lean on. I pray that they always have each other to depend on. They’re off to a good start.

I love them so.





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The Truffle Shuffle

Tice used smile sweetly for pictures. Now, he thinks it’s hilarious to make silly faces or do weird little dances. This one resembles the Truffle Shuffle. I promise I did not teach my kid the Truffle Shuffle.

If you’re too old or too young to know what the Truffle Shuffle is, you’re missing a great piece of ’80s American cinema.

And here are a few precursors to his perfected shuffle…

Happy Friday!


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